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With over 40 years in the Airline, General Aviation and Warbird arenas, specializing in safety and risk perception, John is uniquely positioned to evaluate, consult, train and/or resolve matters in litigation, compliance, and/or investigation. These skills translate to any area or industry, i.e. medical, industrial, construction, commercial, environmental, and/or aviation.


Understanding the human factors, the way humans incorrectly perceive risk dramatically impacts that risk and can be avoided with the correct training and skill enhancement. The airline industry was a leader in reducing risk based on human beings' often flawed perception and avoidance of a risk.  This knowledge and skill base can be translated and applied across the board in any industry to reduce the consequences of the 197 cognitive biases human are subject to and mitigate and avoid the consequences of the danger that can result from incorrectly applied processes, actions or decisions based upon faulty risk perception.


In addition to being a former Fleet Training Manager, Check Airman for American Airlines, John is a licensed A&P mechanic, has a Masters degree in Aviation Safety Management and is a trained Mediator and Arbitrator capable of handling the most complex or difficult disputes. His calm, reassuring manner is extremely persuasive in expert witness testimony, consulting, trainings and speeches.

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